For the exhibition ‘Shelf Life’, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth 

Shelfless Life, created for the group exhibition ‘Shelf Life’, explored the idea of a ‘shelfless’ or freed lifestyle from the constraints of society. Two different 1950s Sanderson curtains, previously owned by the artist’s mother, with different scenes – one hunting and one idyllic picnic scene – were cut up and conflated into one piece that allowed the characters from the scene to float freely across the wall above the shelf brackets. Merging these two narratives allowed for a humorous interplay with idiosyncratic outcomes.
The work subtly references and celebrates the domestic, the decorative, and social status rituals that continue today.

Shelfless Life
Dimensions: 64 x 220 x 22cm
Materials: Cut-out (mother’s) 1950s Sanderson curtains, textile medium, painted and collaged shelf brackets.

Photographer: Robert Frith, Acorn, unless otherwise stated.
Pam Gaunt Catle Studio Renovation
Shelfless Life
Pam Gaunt Catle Studio Renovation
Detail, Shelfless Life