Innovators 4 Linden 1968 – a group exhibition.
Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, St. Kilda, Melbourne, 2008
Curators: Hannah Matthews & Ben Riding

On the 40th anniversary of 1968, Linden hosted an exhibition of Western Australian artists based in the year 1968 – a time when Linden functioned as a private guest house in Melbourne.
Set in a Victorian mansion, the Linden 1968 exhibition asked invited participants to consider creating work about international and national significant events in the year 1968.
Within the theme of 1968, the artist chose to work with protest songs on 45 vinyl records, which had the pattern of the Linden wrought iron balustrade laser cut into them. Unfortunately it proved difficult to obtain sufficient protest song vinyls for the space, so the work was substituted with other 1968 songs as a compromise.

Materials & Processes
Laser-cut 1968 45 vinyl records

Photographer: unknown
Pam Gaunt Catle Studio Renovation
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