Jonathon Lake Residence

Integrated Patterned Sliding Screens: - children's rooms

Client: Jonathon Lake Architects
Location: Redfern Street, Nth Perth


The architect brief required an artwork that was integrated into the building structurally and aesthetically and created privacy for the child occupants of the designated rooms. The screens developed were intended to reduce solar penetration into two of the rooms whilst simultaneously allowing light to filter through.

Research – Art/Aesthetics/Industry

The research highlights Art and Technology collaboration through the innovative transformation of existing technologies. The material utilized was a laminated wood veneer, suitable for external application, and used in the exterior cladding of the building. The research involved industry collaboration to extensively test the material to achieve the aesthetic and functional outcomes desired. The pattern evolved from a series of hand drawn designs intended to disrupt the strong geometry of the building.


The project boasts a highly inventive use and application of the industrial routing process and material transformation, through conceptual and creative artistic input and collaboration with Artcom. The routing process was used to make the veneer as thin as possible in some of the pattern so that there were three levels of illumination:
  • Complete holes;
  • Complete holes with small coloured transparent acrylic shapes inserted into them ((colours chosen by the children);
  • Routed sections to 1mm that allow light penetration.

The artwork appears as a seamless intervention in the building facade and performs all the required functions as outlined in the architect's brief. In addition the aesthetic sensibility, resulting from the careful research and consideration of the material and light qualities, express another level of sensorial experience. A ‘wonderous' experience occurs in both the nocturnal view from the streetscape and the daytime interior view – where shadows and colours were cast around the room according to the time of day and also the season.


Review at Architectire AU

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